Acts of Magic

Intelligent and Sophisticated Acts of Arcane Magical Art

Charles F Kerner

Cast off your skepticism, check your disbelief at the door and put your imagination in high gear. You can host an evening of magic, wonder and astonishment with master magician and arcane conjurer Charles F Kerner.

"An arcane magician does not defy the laws of physics but rather has the ability to walk among the forces of Nature with subtlety."
~ Charles F Kerner

"Nothing I do can't be done by a 10-year-old ...with 15 years of practice."
~ Harry Blackstone, Jr.

The story…
October 31st, 1953. Halloween, Samhain on the pagan wheel of the year, and children were being born to this, the last day of the summer season. Not much thought, if any, was given to the conjuring that was to take place in future years but that was understandable since the magician-to-be was currently being held aloft and smacked on the bottom (a condition with which he would not be totally unfamiliar throughout his life).

He was named Charles.

While Samhain (Halloween) remains Charles’ annual performance to that fortunate few invited to his home, and the theatre built there, to find out what the magician has been conjuring up since last year’s show; it is now possible for others, perhaps you, to engage that same show in your venue throughout the remainder of the year for the entertainment of your friends and associates.